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DishaLive Group has been established as a multi-services company in India based at Haryana, to contribute in the development of India. Our direct & indirect AIM to encourage the Indian public to use the internet as a development tool. DishaLive Group is agency you can trust to translate your Dreams into reality in the digital sector. DishaLive Group has been building successful On-line operations for large and small business Web-wide.

What is DishaLive Group

DishaLive is an inicative to contribute in the Social Awareness & Development by promoting the power of Digitalization. DishaLive Group is working in the followings areas to promote digitalization.

  • Bringing small and large businesses online.
  • Offering an online platform for literature lovers to read and write.
  • Delivering blood on the spot to the needy with the help of social workers.
  • Helping business to grow fastly with the help of digital marketing.
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Development of India with Innovation


Encourage the Indian public to use internet as a Development tool

Core Values

Transprancy, Innovation

Our Expert Team

We Are Who Love To Work Together

Ashish Ghorela

Founder of DishaLive Group

Amit Verma

Co-Founder, DishaLive Group

Ravikant Agarwal

Cheif Editor, Sahity Live

Vikas Beniwal

HRA & Marketing Head

Dinesh Bajwa

Android Developer

HarmanDeep kaur

Web Developer


Web Developer

Jitender Kuamr

Digital Marketer

Sanaya Singh

Sales Manager

Ajeet Verma

Accountency & Legal

Manisha Bills

Web Designer

Abhishek Sakshena

Editor, Sahity Live


Digital Marketer

Pooja Bhati

Web Developer

Ravinder Shodi

Web Designer

Narender Verma

Logo Designer

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